Fill Powder

Powder Filling Options

Powder filling is our genesis and M&O Perry invented the ACCOFIL® vacuum / pressure system in order to accurately fill vials, bottles, syringes, tubes, and SPE columns. Indeed,this is a volumetric approach long known for accuracy, repeatability, and cleanliness. Our product line includes manual lab units, semi-automatic filling heads, and automatic filling and closing machines. Moreover, we have numerous filter media available to optimize dosing results for 2mg to 200gm fill weights. Additionally, you can send us your powder for lab testing and our sales team will contact you with a solution. Our Medium and High Speed ACCOFIL® Powder Fill and Closing Machines precisely dose sterile powder and insert stoppers into glass vials at production rates up to 19,200 per hour. Finally, single or dual indexing fill heads provide an accurate, repeatable, and flexible means of dosing one (1) or two (2) powders into a vial.

Options include integrated bulk powder and stopper feed systems, IPC check weigh system to automatically weigh, document, and adjust fill weights, media fill station. Also, we offer LAF, RABS, or Isolator hoods.